The aim of the workshop is to bring together instructors in the field of software engineering to actively work and discuss the main topics of the workshop. The goal is to create a platform for exchanging experiences and identifying common fields of work. In addition, we aim to initiate and support discussions on further activities. In particular, the workshop will discuss which specific challenges have not yet been solved, so that an agenda for the improvement of software engineering teaching can be developed taking into account changing social, economic and political conditions.


We want to make the workshop very interactive. To this end, we want the authors to present their contributions briefly, and to discuss them intensively. Each presentation is accompanied by a discussion leader who prepares questions and stimulates the discussion. This format has proved in many other workshops. The interaction and discussions on the topics presented are thus promoted very positively. All in all, the times for discussions should exceed the presentation times.

Presentations are only part of the program. A second part is made up of moderated discussion and smaller working groups, in which problems and approaches to the workshop topics are worked out. These should culminate in a collection of topics that motivates and guides the final discussion. The final discussion will then focus on common working areas, new ideas and other activities.