Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Softwaretechnik
Chair for Applied Software Engineering
Max Reiss

  Maximilian Reiß
(Dipl. Inf. Univ.) 

maximilian.reiss (at) in.tum.de 
Room: 01.07.053
Tel.: +49 (089) 289 18234 

Technische Universität München 
Institut für Informatik 
Lehrstuhl Prof. Brügge/ I1 
Boltzmannstraße 3 
85748 Garching 



Office hours by appointment

Research Interests

  • Human Machine Interaction
  • Embedded Systems
  • Computational Intelligence
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Distributed Collaboration
  • Project Management / Team Management



Past Teaching activities (WiSe? 07/08)

Praktikum: DOLLI - Distributed Online Logistics and Location of Information (Munich Airport)
Hauptseminar: Advanced Project Management
Praktikum: Development of (iPod Touch/iPhone) Multi-touch Applications 
Praktikum: DOLLI 2

Current Teaching activities (SoSe? 09)

Praktikum: iPhone 09


They can be done in English or German.

Available Diploma and Master theses

Contact me during the office hours for more information.

Available Bachelor theses

Contact me during the office hours for more information.

Ongoing Theses and Projects (DA,MA,BA,SEP)

  • Development of a test framework for mobile client devices in view of individual software component integration and for benchmarking of different softwareversions of a complete system (Alexander Baader) ONGOING
  • A layered, modular software framework to ease the development of platform-independent OpenGL based applications, including mobile devices (Miroslav Knejp) ONGOING
  • Design of a multitouch framework for diagnosis support evaluated in the medical domain (Leon v. Tippelskirch) ONGOING

Finished Theses and Projects (DA,MA,BA,SEP)

  • Integration of multimedia-enable end-user feedback into an iterative software development lifecycle, Diploma Thesis (Harald Stangl) FINISHED
  • RFID-Middleware for logistic systems, Diploma Thesis (Sebastian Krieg) FINISHED
  • Video-based Workshop Documentation System, Diploma Thesis (Mei E) FINISHED
  • Analysis, Design and prototypic Implementation of a system for urban transit navigation using mobile multimedia devices (Dominik Kallusky) FINISHED


Bernd Bruegge , Maximilian Reiss , Jennifer Schiller 
Agile Principles in Academic Education: A Case Study
Published in: 2009 Sixth International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations 

Bernd Bruegge , Oliver Creighton , Maximilian Reiss , Harald Stangl
Applying a Video-based Requirements Engineering Technique to an Airport Scenario
Published in: 2008 Third International Workshop on Multimedia and Enjoyable Requirements Engineering - Beyond Mere Descriptions and with More Fun and Games 

M. Reiss, B. Sick, M. Strassberger
Collaborative Situation-Awareness in Vehicles by Means of Spatio-Temporal Information Fusion With Probabilistic Networks
Published in: Proceedings of the "2006 IEEE Mountain Workshop on Adaptive and Learning Systems (SMCals/06)"



  • DOLLI - Distributed Online Logistics and Location of Information (Munich Airport) - Head
  • DOLLI 2- Distributed Online Logistics and Location of Information (Munich Airport) - Head
  • VBRE - Video-Based Requirement-Engineering, in cooperation with Siemens Corporate Technology, Munich
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