Lehrstuhl für Angewandte Softwaretechnik
Chair for Applied Software Engineering

Dr. Tobias Röhm
Dipl. Informatiker

Technische Universität München
Institut für Informatik I1
Boltzmannstr. 3
D-85748 Garching b. München

roehm (at) in.tum.de
Office: 01.07.059
Tel: +49 (89) 289-18228


In October 2015, I left TUM and started to work for CQSE GmbH.

This page will not be maintained anymore.

Students interested in doing a thesis with me can still contact me via roehm (at) cqse.eu.


  • Starting October 2015, I will work for CQSE GmbH.
  • Member of Program Committee of ICPC 2016 - Please consider submitting a paper!
  • Best paper award for paper "T. Roehm: Two User Perspectives in Program Comprehension: End Users and Developer Users" at ICPC 2015 :)
  • Paper accepted at SEKE 2015.
  • Paper accepted at ICPC 2015.
  • Paper accepted in SANER 2015.
  • Mitglied des Programm Komitees des SEI Tracks der SE 2015 - Bitte erwägen Sie ein Paper einzureichen!
    Member of Program Committee of SEI track at SE 2015 - Please consider submitting a paper!
  • Paper accepted in ACM ToSEM.
  • NIER Paper accepted at ICSE 2014.

Short CV

  • Studies of Computer Science, TU Munich
  • Studies of Technology Management, CDTM Munich
  • Term abroad, Indian Institute of Sciene, Bangalore, India
  • Freelance software developer (ERP Software Microsoft Dynamics Navision)

Research Interests

  • Usage-Aware Software Evolution
    Monitoring and analysis of user behavior to gain actionable knowledge for developers during software evolution
  • Software Engineering
    in particular program comprehension, software maintenance/ evolution, knowledge management
  • Empirical Research
  • Application of AI in SE
    in particular Ontologies, Data mining, Machine learning


  • My paper "Two User Perspectives in Program Comprehension: End Users and Developer Users" received the best paper award at ICPC 2015.
  • Our paper "How Do Industry Developers Comprehend Software?" received an ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award at ICSE 2012.
  • Our lecture Patterns in Software Engineering (WS11/12) was selected as the best computer science "Wahlpflicht-Vorlesung" (Non-mandatory lecture) in winter term 11/12 by students.


 My profiles at Google ScholarDBLP, Mendeley, and ResearchGate

Journals (Peer-Reviewed)

  • W. Maalej, R. Tiarks, T. Roehm, R. Koschke
    On the Comprehension of Program Comprehension
    ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology 23(4), 2014.

 Conference Proceedings (Peer-Reviewed)

  • T. Hesse, A. Kuehlwein, B. Paech, T. Roehm and B. Bruegge
    Documenting Implementation Decisions with Code Annotations
    Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering, 2015.
  • T. Roehm
    Two User Perspectives in Program Comprehension: End Users and Developer Users
    Proceedings of the 23rd IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension, 2015.
    Best Paper Award
  • T. Roehm, S. Nosovic, B. Bruegge
    Automated Extraction of Failure Reproduction Steps from User Interaction Traces
    Proceedings of the 22nd IEEE International Conference on Software Analysis, Evolution, and Reengineering SANER'15, 2015.
  • T. Roehm and B. Bruegge
    Reproducing Software Failures by Exploiting the Action History of Undo Features
    Proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Software Engineering ICSE'14, New Ideas Track, 2014.
  • T. Roehm, B. Bruegge, T. Hesse and B. Paech
    Towards Identification of Software Improvements and Specification Updates By Comparing Monitored and Specified End-User Behavior
    Proceedings of the 29th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance ICSM'13, ERA track, 2013.
  • T. Roehm, N. Gurbanova, B. Bruegge, C. Joubert, and W. Maalej
    Monitoring User Interactions for Supporting Failure Reproduction
    Proceedings of the 21th IEEE International Conference on Program Comprehension ICPC'13, 2013. Link
  • D. Pagano, M. A. Juan, A. Bagnato, T. Roehm, B. Bruegge, and W. Maalej
    FastFix: Monitoring Control for Remote Software Maintenance
    International Conference on Software Engineering ICSE'12, 2012
  • T. Roehm, R. Tiarks, R. Koschke, W. Maalej
    How Do Industry Developers Comprehend Software?
    International Conference on Software Engineering ICSE'12, 2012
    ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award
  • T. Roehm, W. Maalej
    Automatically Detecting Developer Activities and Problems in Software Development Work
    International Conference on Software Engineering ICSE'12, New Ideas Track, 2012.
  • L. Kunze, T. Roehm, M. Beetz
    Towards Semantic Robot Description Languages 
    IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation ICRA'11, 2011

 Workshop Proceedings (Peer-Reviewed)

  • T.-M. Hesse, S. Gaertner, R. Roehm, B. Paech, K. Schneider, B. Bruegge
    Semiautomatic Security Requirements Engineering and Evolution using Decision Documentation, Heuristics, and User Monitoring
    Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Evolving Security and Privacy Requirements Engineering (ESPRE'14), pp. 1-6, Karlskrona (Sweden), August 25th, 2014, IEEE 2014
  • T.-M. Hesse, B. Paech, T. Roehm, B. Bruegge
    How to Improve Decision Documentation in Software Evolution?
    Software Engineering (Workshops) 2014: 14-15
  • R. Tiarks, T. Roehm
    Challenges in Program Comprehension
    Softwaretechnik-Trends 32(2), 2012

 Other (Not Peer-Reviewed)

  • M. Ast, M. Glas, and T. Roehm
    Creating an Ontology for Aircraft Design - An Experience Report About Development Process and the Resulting Ontology
    Deutscher Luft- und Raumfahrtkongress 2013, 2013.
  • T. Roehm
    Robots That Know What They Can Do - Semantic Representation of Robot Components, Capabilities and Actions
    Diploma thesis, 2010


  • Project FastFix (Monitoring control for remote software maintenance, funded by European Commission)
  • Project PUMBA (Empirical research about Program comprehension, funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)
  • Project URES as part of DFG funded SPP 1593 (Consideration of user behavior in evolution decisions, funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)
  • Project ReproFit within Softwarecampus Program (fundet by BMBF)



Supervised Theses

  • Analytics of Software Features Based on Monitored User Actions, Martin Stoll (Completed)

  • User Skill Classification Based on Interaction Trace Analysis, Stefan Theiner (Completed)
  • Recommending and Automating Frequently Occurring Action Patterns of Software End Users, Nadeem Ahmed (Completed)
  • Detecting Behavioural Patterns in User Actions, Iulia Gaina (Completed)
  • Presenting User and Context Information to Developers during Bug Fixing, Nigar Gurbanova (Completed)
  • Development and Evaluation of an Ontology for Aircraft Design, Markus Ast (Completed)
  • Introduction of Patterns to Model-Based Systems Engineering, Jan Schröder, (Completed)

 If you are interested in a thesis in the area of software maintenance/ empirical evaluation/ AI in software engineering/ Semantic Web/ ontologies please get in touch with me.




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