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Zardosht Hodaie

Zardosht Hodaie

Kontakt Informationen

Raumnummer: 01.07.035

E-Mail: nachname @ in.tum.de

Tel: +49 89 289 18245



I studied computer science (B.Sc., M.Sc.) in Technical University of Munich with minors in mechanical engineering and artificial intelligence. During my studies I took part in different research projects including including UnicaseFastFix, and MUSES. I have also worked as software consultant in different projects ranging from product development (Microsoft .Net) and renovation of legacy software (COBOL, Java Enterprise). 

I also hold a bachelor’s degree (B.Sc.) in Agricultural Machinery from University of Tehran (Iran).


Research Interests 

  • Context-aware Assistance for (Industrial) Manual Workflows
  • Multi-modal HCI - Natural User Interfaces
  • User Activity Tracking


Bachelor / Master Theses

Multiple topics available in context of the the project: CASMA

CASMA: Context-aware Assistance System for Manual Assembly: Manal assembly is still an important part of many manufacturing processes. The aim of CASMA project is to support worker during manual assembly by providing them multi-modal context-aware information as well as detecting their mistakes. Additionally, the CASMA should automatically generate multi-modal manual assembly manuals by tracking and recording the assembly process as it is being performed by an experienced worker.

See detailed description of the project and a listing of Bachelor and Master Thesis topics here (PDF document).


  • Patterns in Software Engineering - WS 15/16, WS 16/17
  • iPraktikum - SS 15, WS 15/16, SS 16, SS 17
  • University of Hamburg - Summer term 2013 - M-Lab Praktikum (mobile development Android / iOS) 
  • University of Hamburg - Winter term 2012/2013, Summer term 2013 - Seminar Architectures for Mobile Services
  • TUM – Summer term 2011 – Tutor for the lecture Introduction to software engineering
  • TUM – Summer term 2009 – Tutor for the lecture Introduction to software engineering


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