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Master's Thesis
Scaling interactive in-class exercises with continuous integration in the cloud
Stephan Krusche
There is an increasing demand for computer scientists in industry, in particular for software engineers. The growing number of students in computer science (CS) at TUM reflects this trend. There are courses with up to 1000 students that we teach. One challenge in courses with such a high number of participants is the increased effort for the preparation, conduction and correction of interactive in-class exercises. This Master's Thesis explores approaches using continuous integration and continuous delivery to automate interactive in-class exercises in the cloud to minimize the effort for exercise conduction and correction as far as possible. Build agents are scaled in the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to provide immediate feedback to students after submitting their exercise solution, even if up to 1000 students submit the exercise at the same time. In a CASE study in the summer semester 2016, the results of this Master's Thesis are applied and evaluated.